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Financial Assistance
Support funds are granted for “Conventions” held in Nagano City when satisfying specific conditions within the NCVB budget.
“Convention” refers to meetings and mass meetings. Exhibitions and performances such as concerts, circuses, etc. and other activities from which the host is receiving financial support from , the national government, Nagano City are not applicable to this funding support. In addition, commercially based business activities are not included in this program.
Financial Assistance here pertains to “Financial Assistance for Conventions” and “Financial Assistance for International Meetings”.

*Application procedures for financial assistance / supporting grants are explained on the NCVB home page.
*Application forms can be downloaded.
Financial Assistance for International Meetings

Total grants offered for holding International Meetings are computed according to the following parameters:

  • Total number of overseas participants x 10,000 yen
    Plus Total number of participants from outside Nagano Prefecture x 5,000 yen.
    Maximum grant funds available are 500,000 yen.

  • Half of main hall (used for the convention) rental fee (round down to nearest 1000 yen) with a maximum fund grant of 1,000,000 yen.

Applicable International Meetings:

  • Meeting and hotel accommodations both held in Nagano City
  • Greater than 100 participants (more than three (3) nations including Japan)
  • More than two (2) days duration of Meeting (Official events)